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*Thanks to Claire Stratford for my background and help with my websites!


The Keeper:
*I would like to thank Avery M. for wanting more of my story. He told me it was good, and that someone would be crazy not to publish it :) Without him - I wouldn't have finished it.
*Decadent Publishing for taking a chance on me and accepting said story.
*Heather and Lisa for being awesome publishers who know how to have fun, and look out for their authors.
*Dana, my editor, who must think I was absent for most of my English classes. (I was there physically, does that count?)

*Fiona Jayde for my fabulous cover art.
*Ann Mayburn for my gorgeous banner.

*Lea, my senior editor for helping me out with my "wonky" manuscript. Couldn't have made release day without you!

*Meridith, Valerie and Kate for all that you guys do, Thanks!

The Keeper Book Trailer:
*Special thanks to my friends: Enrico Frehse -, Marco Menco, Jared Tyler, PianoxLullaby, Fishnetsandplaid, and Vanessa Oliveira.
*Ryan Bassett for his research and support.

***Most of all thanks to my family. They put up with me sitting in the Man Chair in my Writers Cave on a day to day basis. Even away at the soccer field or on vacation the netbook travels with us in case my muse acts up. Love you guys! XOXOXO